It’s easier to learn RPA with Python than Low-code

It’s easier to learn RPA with Python than low-code RPA 🤖👇

📌Examples of non-developers programming in Python:
→ artists, designers, journalists, pedagogues, psychologists, lawyers, financial and HR analysts, doctors and nurses, biologists, sociologists, NGO agents, social workers…

📌The commands in the Python language and in the frameworks are always in obvious, straightforward English: .open(), .close(), .copy(), .paste(), .enter(), .tab(), .move(), .find(), .delete(), .browse()….

📌The code editing tools will suggest commands as you type and display a list of available options… too easy! 🙏

📌In addition, there are 440,000 (!) ready-made packages (PyPI: March/2023) in Python for all kinds of use, integrations for other languages, and numerous open APIs available;

📌 If you don’t know how to do something, just google it: How to do XXX in Python → there will be tutorials, ready-made codes, copy-paste-fun;

📌 If you have an error, you will be told on which line the error is and the reason for the error, in order to correct it. If you still don’t know how to fix it, google the error and you will see how to fix it;

📌 If you don’t know how to do something, you can join one of the numerous open communities (even as anonymous): I’m trying to achive XXX, someone could give me a help? Wait a few minutes and you will receive several messages from new friends wanting to help you;

📌 If you don’t know how to do something, just go on ChatGPT: Write a code in Python to do XXX, Identify for me the error in that code and fix it, Explain for me that code line by line…;

📌There are countless free courses in English, videos, tutorials, step-by-step, ready-made code, regional groups, online / in-person meetups…

✅ By learning Python, you will quickly become a more empowered developer, able to solve a wider range of problems, also working on initiatives where Python is widely used: AI/Data Science/Data Analytics, Integrations, DevOps, QA, backend, frontend;

✅ By learning Python, you can create web, desktop, mobile, command-line automation in minutes…run in any type of environment and in parallel, 3x to 15x faster…and handling even millions of lines of data;

Python is open tech, free, no commercial licenses involved… whatever you create in Python is yours, pure code, you can share it with whomever you want;

Python is one of the most popular languages, it is the fastest growing language, and among the major languages, it is the one that provides the highest salaries;

And if you already have some knowledge in programming logic (if, loops, operators…), learning Python is like swapping one bike for another: brake, handlebars, pedals… just go for it! 🚴

💡Want a tip to learn #RPA in Python? Check out BotCity‘s free courses. 🤖 You will quickly create web, desktop automations, using computer vision and IDs, with orchestration and governance.

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