BotCity Maestro and Documentation Portal

👋 Hello!

We are excited to announce two major developments that our team has been working on over the last two months.

Our cloud orchestrator BotCity Maestro received a major architectural, performance upgrades and a handful of new features.

Our Developers Portal was merged with our various API reference websites giving origin to our new unified Documentation Portal as to create a place for everything BotCity!

BotCity Maestro

From the signup to orchestration of your tasks and dynamic dashboards, everything was rebuilt as to bring you a more modern, performant and robust solution. All that with 100% retro compatibility with existing SDK and API code.

The experience continue the same, but we have some important new features:

Login using your e-mail and password

Here the major change was the replacement of the Login field with the E-mail. Now instead of your login just simply type your e-mail and BotCity Maestro password to access your organization workspace.

New BotCity Login panel

Task Queue Performance and Live Update

Fast access to information is paramount when orchestrating automations and other processes.

We realized that our Task Queue page started to present some delays for intense operations where thousands of tasks were created every day. With that in mind, our team refactored the UI and the backend to make sure the information about your tasks is available almost instantaneously.

Moreover, with the previous version users were required to constantly reload the page to obtain newer information about the Task Queue and verify if a task that was queued had start processing, if it was finished and which finishing status it had. Now the BotCity Maestro’s task queue page will automatically update in a reactive format and update your task cards as soon as the status of the task changes. 🚀

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Task Queue

New Tasks – Directly from the UI

Up to now, most users created tasks with either the BotCity Command-line Interface (CLI) or via the BotCity Maestro SDK. The “New Task” menu was not generally available.

We are glad to introduce now the exciting dynamic “New Task” feature.

Using the New Task feature, you can create a new task for a specific activity directly from the portal. New Task

Creating a new task is as simple as clicking on the New Task button and confirming the action on the subsequent screen.

For activities where parameters are involved, the New Task screen will be dynamically construct the proper form with the best components for each field and data type associated. 

New Task

Now operators can simply login into BotCity Maestro and create tasks with or without parameters with ease.

This is the first version of this feature and it will soon receive updates.

Give it a try now and let us know if you have suggestions. We are excited to hear what you think.

Alerts Live Update

For enhanced experience while monitoring your operation, now the Alerts page will automatically load new alerts as they are generated on the platform. This means that you no longer need to reload the page to receive new notifications.

Other Improvements

Many other improvements were introduced with this new version, mainly architectural changes for enhanced performance, availability and robustness.

The Log and Result Files features received a new pagination feature and performance improvements.

Documentation Portal

Now you no longer need to bookmark a bunch of links or browse around to find related information about BotCity’s command line interface, a feature at BotCity Maestro or even the Java and Python open-source frameworks.

We got you covered with our new unified documentation portal.

Documentation Portal

This new Documentation Portal is a living organism and it will receive constant updates for APIs, Plugins, Features, Tutorials and much more!

No need to bookmark it as we made the URL super easy to remember… it is:


Hello, Hola, Olá, こんにちは, Ciao, Hallo, 你好, i18N 🌐

We are adding Internationalization support to our documentation portal!

You can select your preferred language via the top menu icon near the search bar:

As of now, the core language of our documentation is English but our team is working hard to add support to more languages starting with Portuguese.

As a rule of thumb, if a content is not yet available at your language of choice the system will automatically fallback to English.

More on the Way

We hope you are enjoying the new features as much as we are while developing and using them.

As always, if you have questions or find any sort of issues or would like to suggest a feature, feel free to reach out to us via one of our community channels.

Have fun automating! 🦾🤖

Head of Developer Experience @ BotCity.

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