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Python RPA → Our message at Web Summit 2022

RPA projects are closer to ordinary software than anything else. It has requirements, data validation, business logic, testing, integrations, etc.

Business users should be stakeholders, not developers!

No more shadow it, prototypes that do not scale, and solutions stuck in proprietary formats and proprietary runtime environments.

Python RPA community is trying to solve this mess, proposing best practices and guidelines to deliver robust, reliable, scalable automation across business units.

Let’s embrace open technologies, orchestration, governance, elastic computing and the best practices in software engineering.

Get involved in this movement.
We’re BotCity, and we’ll deliver this message at Web Summit.

Find us at our Booth on AI & Machine Learning Alley on November 2nd.

Gabriel is co-founder and CTO at BotCity. He is one of the maintainers of BotCity Core, Marvin, and MarvinJ open-source frameworks. Follow me:

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