Automation is not only for large companies. Python RPA makes smaller projects possible.

➡ Automation is no longer just for large companies. With Python RPA, projects of all sizes can reap the benefits of automation 🤖 👇

📌 Enterprise licenses in RPA often do unfeasible smaller automation projects or projects with uncertain ROI or MVPs;

📌 These licenses are a significant barrier for small businesses, which may also have complex and critical processes and would benefit immensely from advanced automation features;


💡 In Python RPA, the technology and costs are affordable:

✅ The license cost for developing automations is ZERO (!)

✅ A junior dev can master the tech in 1 day, being able to create complex automations (web, desktop, mobile, legacy). It is an easy language, people of all professions are learning it, and numerous communities and free courses are available. Also, most devs know how to code with Python.

✅ The possibilities for automation are limitless. Thousands of packages are available for all kinds of automation, as well as advanced tools from development to orchestration, with free SDKs and APIs. It is also a common language for other initiatives like Data Science, Software Testing, DevOps, Web Development, etc.

✅ It is not a proprietary technology: the automation is owned and used freely by its developer, pure Python code independent of any vendor (no lock-in), and enables deployment wherever you want: Desktops/VMs (Win, Linux, Mac), containers, serverless.

✅ It is a high-performance and scalable tech stack, with up to 15x faster execution of bots and lower consumption of computing resources, used by large tech companies and affordable for smaller companies.


💡 Want to know more about unleashing the full potential of automations in smaller projects and companies of all sizes? BotCity Academy has free training on Python RPA → https://botcity.dev/academy

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