RPA Iceberg – The challenges go beyond automation

➡ RPA priority is growing in companies, now what? The challenges are different 👇🤖

From the results of the “State of RPA” survey, conducted by BotCity with more than 200 companies, we saw that RPA is gaining scale and priority in companies’ strategies:

✅ 90% of the companies had an increase of more than 25% in the amount of automation compared to last year;

✅ 88% of the companies have exited the pilot and are in the process of scaling up the automations;

✅ 66% of companies plan to increase investments in APR in the next 2 years;

📌 As RPA initiatives gain scale, different areas start to have more automation in critical processes, with more complexity and bringing results; the challenges become other, and the focus turns to productivity, optimization, and governance of the operation.

📌 The development of RPA automations is just one step in delivering a solution into production. Python RPA projects tend to scale quickly. It is paramount to obtain governance over shadow IT, preserving the agility of the operation with the help of guidelines and tools that facilitate the orchestration of the automations.

📌 BotCity Maestro is an Enterprise Orchestrator that is designed to serve Python RPA initiatives in complex environments. The platform facilitates the governance of the RPA operation by being able to manage deploys (VMs, containers, serverless), schedule and chain triggers, execution queues, monitor logs and dashboards, alerts, user management, bot versioning, among other features. The Community version is free 😀

💡 If you or someone on your team needs to master Python Automations with Orchestration, check out our free training at BotCity Academy 🤖😉

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