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Medical devices manufacturer saves 70% in licenses migrating from UiPath to BotCity Python RPA

A medical devices manufacturer made a strategic decision to migrate its RPA platform from UiPath to BotCity, resulting in significant improvements in their automation processes.

One of the key benefits observed after the migration was a remarkable increase in bot speed. Bots developed in BotCity using pure Python code outperformed the previous UiPath bots by 200%, enabling faster and more efficient automation across the organization’s operations.

The successful migration to BotCity also led to the deployment of over 40 automations in production. These automations covered various processes, such as SAP integration, data manipulation in spreadsheets, and customer relationship management (CRM). By automating these tasks, the company reduced manual errors, improved accuracy, and accelerated its overall workflow.

To maximize efficiency, the company implemented multiple runners for parallel execution of automations. With the simultaneous operation of over 20 agents (480 hours/day), productivity was enhanced, and resource utilization was optimized. This parallel execution capability further expedited the automation processes, enabling the organization to handle larger workloads efficiently.

Another significant benefit of migrating to BotCity was the substantial cost savings achieved. The company realized a remarkable 70% reduction in licensing costs compared to UiPath, freeing up financial resources to invest in other areas of the business.

Overall, the migration from UiPath to BotCity proved a resounding success. With bots running 200% faster, over 40 automations in production, parallel execution through multiple runners, and substantial cost savings, the organization experienced a significant boost in operational efficiency and productivity. This migration showcases the power and value of BotCity as an advanced RPA platform for manufacturing companies in the health market.

BotCity Cofounder and CEO

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