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Construction engineering company reduced its supplier validation process from 10 days to 6 minutes with Python RPA on SAP

A prominent middle-market construction engineering firm recently undertook a transformative initiative to automate its supplier validation process. Facing the challenges of a complex end-to-end supply chain, the company recognized the need for efficient supplier validation within tight timeframes.

Operating in a critical environment, the construction firm required automation solutions that were available 24/7. RPA provided the necessary reliability and scalability, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enabling the company to meet stringent deadlines.

The most striking accomplishment was the remarkable reduction in supplier validation time. What once took 10 days to complete manually now takes 6 minutes with the implementation of Python RPA. These substantial time savings allowed the construction firm to expedite procurement processes and rapidly initiate projects.

A combination of web and desktop automation was employed to address the intricate nature of the supply chain. This involved automating tasks, data entry, and seamless navigation across multiple screens within the relevant systems. By harnessing the power of RPA, the company ensured accuracy, efficiency, and consistency throughout these processes.


Integrating AI into the process proved to be a crucial element in the RPA implementation. Automating decision-making based on predefined business rules eliminated manual intervention, leading to increased speed and accuracy in supplier validation.

Depending on the result, automation uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to email the supplier about what is missing for approval.

Furthermore, RPA enabled the automatic extraction and processing of data from various document templates. Leveraging BotCity Docs, BotCity’s document processing tool, and integrating with (OCR) capabilities, the software effectively interpreted diverse document formats, including invoices, contracts, and reports. This automated data extraction enhanced operational efficiency and minimized the risk of human errors.

After running successfully for +24 months, the RPA solution demonstrates long-term effectiveness and stability. The construction firm has enjoyed sustained benefits, including heightened productivity, reduced costs, improved compliance, and faster project initiation.

In conclusion, the implementation of RPA has yielded remarkable improvements in the supplier validation process for the construction firm. Through reduced validation time, comprehensive supply chain automation, seamless integration with a Rules Engine, and automated processing of diverse document types, the company has optimized operations, saved valuable time and resources, and positioned itself as a competitive force within the industry. The success of this transformation serves as a compelling business case for other organizations seeking to achieve similar efficiencies through RPA adoption.

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