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Multinational Engineering and Construction company transitioned from BluePrism to Python RPA

A multinational engineering and construction company recognized globally recently successfully migrated its RPA platform flow low-code to Python RPA. The company transitioned from BluePrism to BotCity, resulting in optimized internal processes. This change brought forth several notable benefits, boosting efficiency and productivity within the organization.

One of the key achievements of the transition was the significant improvement in the speed of executing automated tasks.This increased agility enabled the company to drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive processes, enhancing operational effectiveness.

Bots developed on the new platform proved to be up to 20 times faster compared to those created in BluePrism.

The company made investments in upskilling its RPA developers to facilitate a seamless transition. The team underwent intensive training in Python and RPA, equipping them with the necessary skills to fully leverage BotCity’s platform potential. This comprehensive training resulted in a highly skilled technical team capable of developing advanced and customized solutions.

The creation of a customized dashboard was another notable achievement of this successful migration. The company developed a personalized control panel by utilizing BotCity’s Orchestrator open APIs. This dashboard centralized relevant information and data from the RPA operation, providing a clear and detailed real-time view of bot performance. As a result, the company gained comprehensive insights into its automations, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement and optimization.

Furthermore, the migration process was successful in terms of the number of automations transferred. Within 60 days, the RPA team migrated over 40 automations from BluePrism to BotCity. This rapid transition ensured a smooth adoption of the new platform, minimizing disruptions to daily productivity.

In summary, the migration from BluePrism to BotCity brought several significant benefits. With bots operating up to 20 times faster, over 40 automations successfully migrated within 60 days, developers upskilled in Python and RPA, and the implementation of a customized dashboard, the company achieved heightened operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved decision-making capabilities. This successful transition highlights the potential of robotic process automation as a strategic solution for engineering and construction companies.


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