[Oct-23 Major Release] Check out the New Features available on the BotCity platform

📆 Today new features were made available on the BotCity platform in our October-23 Major Release. 🤖 Check out the main news: 🚀

  • BotCity Orchestrator with Datapool
  • User Groups and Repositories
  • BotCity Documents V2
  • Improvements to the BotCity Studio SDK

BotCity Orchestrator

Formerly called BotCity Maestro, it is now BotCity Orchestrator, and has the following new features:

➡️ User Groups and Repositories

(Available for all plans)

User Groups are sets of users with a specific privilege to access and operate entities in BotCity Orchestrator.

Repositories are like folders where you can add automations and related resources. Resources in a specific repository can only be viewed or operated by users in groups with permission or by Administrators.

Example: You can create separate repositories for your company’s departments to logically separate your RPA operation, for example, users in “Financial Operations” will only be able to see the automations and related resources of this department. You can also use repositories to separate automations in the preparation or testing phase from others.

💡 See our documentation in detail.


➡️ Datapool

(Available in early preview for all plans for 60 days. After this period, it will only be available on the enterprise plan).

Datapool is an effective resource for batch processing items with automatic task creation, sorting policies, automatic retrying and many other features.

It can be thought of as a queue manager, which allows you to have control and granularity over the items that need to be processed.

💡 See our documentation in detail.


✅ BotCity Documents

Formerly called BotCity Docs, the data extraction and document processing tool is now BotCity Documents, and has the following new features:

➡️ Now available in the community plan, with a limit of up to 10 pages to create the template.

➡️ Improved experience with OCR technologies (Google Cloud Vision, Amazon Textract…) and code generation.

💡 See our documentation in detail.


BotCity Studio SDK

➡️ BotCity Studio 2.19.0
– New and improved login screen
– Integration with BotCity Documents V2
– Improvements to code generation
– Improvements to general error handling
– Performance improvements and dependency cleanup
– Project dependencies updated

➡️ BotCity Runner 2.8.3
– The colors of the status bar now match the color scheme of the BotCity Orchestrator task queue.
– BotCity Runner will produce output to the log file even when run with a graphical interface.
– Internal informational messages related to SLF4J that appeared on startup have now been removed.
– BotCity Runner will now attempt to complete a task with an error if it is closed while a task is running.
– Improved general tolerance against network fluctuations
– Better error handling
– Project dependencies updated

➡️ BotCity CLI
– Improved the way error messages are displayed to users
– Project dependencies updated

💡 Check out these new features in our free trial (for up to 30 days), just sign up as a new user at this link.

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