The first developer is a woman: Ada Lovelace

Did you know that the world’s first programmer was a woman? Learn a little more about this story below.

Who is Ada Lovelace?

British, born on December 10, 1815. Her father, Lord Byron, was one of England’s leading poets, her mother, named Annabella, was a great scholar of mathematics. Her father abandoned her, which made her mother encourage her to have a life focused on mathematics and not just poetry.

Ada’s Specialties:

  • Math;
  • Poet;
  • Computer Scientist;
  • Inventor;
  • Translator;
  • Writer;
  • Engineer.

At age 27, she began a partnership with Charles Babbage. He was building an analytical machine, which would be considered the first computer of its time. Ada supported his work in many ways. One of them, in translation. While she was doing her part, she realized that the machine would go far beyond what everyone else saw: just numbers. With this, she wrote the first algorithm that could be interpreted by that machine.

And was Ada recognized for her work?

Unfortunately, there was no recognition until a century later. But today, she is known as the first programmer and also the first person to identify a problem in code, precisely because she ended up correcting many of the changes that Charles Babbage made, which broke the algorithm she had built. Her history and her contributions have great importance in all technology, but especially in the communities of people who are developers and communities of people who work with quality assurance.

What about the Ada programming language?

The United States Department of Defense was creating a new programming language to replace all the others they were using and named it after Ada Lovelace.

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